What I really want from the BBC is for complete boxsets of each Doctor’s era - that is, apart from One and Two, because sadly a lot of their episodes are missing.

But I don’t have the cash to afford the £2000 price tag they’d each have :P


Wait, did Game of Thrones just rip off The Order of the Stick?

My god Engines of War has the sexiest cover I’ve ever seen…


There are a bunch of Silurian ships. Why are there so many Silurian ships?

It’s the far future, peace has been made between Humans and Silurians long before Time of the Doctor.

Thunderbirds are go!

"The Krillitane Storm" contains a reference to carrot juice. 10/10 best book ever

That's What Cybermats Are Made Of
Big Finish




On the planet Cantus, a human colony previously invaded by Cybermen, Benny and Jason make a disturbing discovery.

(For bathtubbutterbeer, because I was telling her about this this morning and thought she might want to actually hear it.)

Oh. My. God.

Holy shit.

Nope. nope. noope nooooope. oh god.

Hey I'm curious

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whouffle alphabet  {inspiration}


The Indestructible Hilux







*takes creative writing class*
*writes fanfiction*

*takes art class*
*draws otp*

*takes media art class*
*makes anime gifs*

*takes music class*
*makes cover of anime opening*

*joins speech and debate*
*preaches anime*

*takes boxing class* *beats up these nerds*

"I’m always telling the Doctors and companions, as they come through the show, that they’ll never be quite done with it - Big Finish is expecting them."
Steven Moffat (x)

Why is nobody shipping Commander Maxil and Caecilius.